Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty

Why did the student register to take this test on a day or time that is different than the rest of the class?

Students are instructed to schedule their accommodated tests at the same time that the rest of the class is taking the test. If they are not able to, they must speak with their professors prior to scheduling their test. If the student registers for a different time and you did not give approval, you may let us know that the time is unacceptable and we will contact the student to let them know that they must follow up with you.

If a student approaches you to request an alternate time, the following are considered acceptable reasons to request an alternate time by Accessibility Services and Testing Services. If the student requests an alternate time for reasons other than these, you may honor that request at your discretion:

What is the process for having an accommodated test proctored in Testing Services?

A student must be registered with Accessibility Services to utilize our services. The student will bring you an accommodation letter that originates from Accessibility Services describing their accommodations. They are also instructed to discuss their test accommodations with you at that time to ensure that you both understand the process for testing.

When it is time to register for a test, the student will do so online here . Once their registration is complete, an email confirmation is sent to the student and an email will be sent to the professor of the course two business days requesting the test as well as confirming that they have a student testing with our offices. This email will include a link to the online Faculty Cover Sheet form, which will need to be completed by the professor. The form should be submitted to . You may also print out and send a hard copy of the form with the exam. This cover sheet provides us with the information needed to proctor the student’s test and return the materials to the professor. On the day of the test the student is expected to arrive a few minutes prior to the test start time with their LSSU ID.

What is the purpose of the Faculty Cover Sheet?

Our office uses the cover sheet to determine how much time the class gets and what materials are allowed for the test. We use this information and the student’s accommodations to determine what the length and environment of their test will be. The form is crucial for properly proctoring the student’s exam. It also informs us of how you would like the test returned to you.

If any changes are made to the length of, materials permitted on, or window of period in which the student may take the test after you have submitted the cover sheet, please send an email  to .

Why does the cover sheet ask how long the class gets and what materials they will be allowed for the test? Don’t you need to know how long the student in question should get and what s/he is allowed to use?

We ask that you only provide how much time and what materials the class is allowedWe will determine, based on the student’s accommodations, the length and materials for the student coming to our center.

I am planning a pop quiz for my students. How can my student(s) register for this with your office?

We handle pop quizzes on a case by case basis. While students normally register for their scheduled tests through our website at least three business days prior to their test, we can manually schedule a student for pop quizzes depending on our hours, staff, and available space. If you have a student that needs accommodations for a pop quiz, please contact us at 906-635-2027.

I have a student who is not registered with Accessibility Services, but missed a test and needs to make it up without accommodations. Could you proctor this test?

Make-up testing is a service we do provide and in most cases, we will have space for this student to test.  However, please know our priority for space is given to accommodated students first, athletes and campus sponsored absences second, then students who need to make up a test for another reason. Please make sure the student registers for an appointment and that when requested, please send your test/quiz along with a filled out cover sheet if you have not already.

Can I deny a student’s request for an accommodation?

It is the responsibility of all LSSU faculty and staff to create an inclusive and fair campus and to remain compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. As such, you are required to provide students the opportunity to utilize the accommodations offered to them through Testing Services and Accessibility Services as long as the student follows all required procedures. If you believe that they have not followed these procedures, please check with Testing Services to see how to move forward with the test request ( or 906-635-2027).

If you believe that a stated accommodation is inappropriate for your test for any reason, you must address that concern to Accessibility Services at 906-635-2355.