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Disability Etiquette

Disability Etiquette   A helpful article on the respectful use of words with people with disabilities.

Disability Etiquette Tips  How to be respectful and mindful when working with persons using wheelchairs, with speech difficulties, with cognitive/language impairments, hearing loss, vision loss, multiple chemical sensitivities and mental health disabilities.

Classroom Resources


Microsoft Word 

Microsoft Word Speech to Text 

Microsoft Word provides a speech-to-text dictation program.  You will need a microphone to speak into, and the program will take your speech and automatically transcribe it into text on your document.  You can also upload an MP3 audio file and convert it to text.  This dictation feature will also pick up on changes in tone of voice and mark them so you are able to notice differences within a conversation. This is available for download, however, Microsoft recommends the web version for better use of the program.

Google Docs

Google Docs Speech to Text

Google Docs uses a speech-to-text program called voice typing.  To use, you simply open the toolbar and click on voice typing.  Then begin speaking into your microphone and the program is will automatically take your voice and transcribe into text in the Google Doc.  

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Another speech-to-text software option is Dragon Naturally Speaking.  Initially, the program must be briefly trained to the user’s voice.  Once trained it can transcribe the user’s speech to text.  Please contact the Office of Accessibility Services if you are interested in using this program.


Evernote Speech to Text 

Evernote is a speech-to-text program that will translate the user’s voice to text within the Evernote program.

Audio Recording


Official Glean Website

A web-based audio note-taking tool that can be installed on a computer and personal device.  Glean audio records course lectures and can be used for both in-person courses and online.  Glean not only records the lecture, but allows the student to color code the recorded audio in real-time for later review.  Powerpoint slides can be added to sync up with the lecture.  Photographs of the board can be added as well.  

Please contact the Office of Accessibility Services if you would like any more information. 

Click Here to Try Glean Free for 30 Days

Glean does also have an option that will give you full access for free for 30 days. 


Google Chrome Read and Write

Google Chrome Read and Write

Google Chrome Read and Write can read websites aloud to promote better understanding and comprehension. This is a free add-on for Google Chrome.

ReadSpeaker Text Aid for Firefox

Firefox ReadSpeaker

Firefox ReadSpeaker text aid can read websites aloud to promote better understanding and comprehension. This is a free add-on to your Firefox browser.

Read-Write for Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge Read and Write

Microsoft Read-Write can read websites aloud to promote better understanding and comprehension. This is a free add-on to the Edge browser.

Natural Reader

Natural Reader

Natural readers will work on any internet browser.  Natural Reader can take almost any format of text files and read it aloud. 



TTSReader will work on any internet browser. This is very helpful because the program can read aloud almost any format of a text file.

 Immersive Reader

Microsoft Immersive Reader

Microsoft Immersive Reader will read aloud PDF files aloud and allow the user to mark different nouns in the sentences.  The program also allows one line of the text at a time to appear highlighted to assist with reading long passages.

Android Reading Software

@Voice Aloud Reader (available on Google Play Store)

Instructions: Download the app from the Google Play Store on an Android device. Open the app and click the file button, which is the second button on the top. It will pull up the documents available to read on your device. At the top of the app, you will see categories: Books, PDFs, Docs, HTML, and Txt. The app automatically sorts your documents by file type. Click on the file that you want to be read aloud to load the document. Click the Play button or double-tap the section of text you want to be read.

Android OCR software:

TTS Reader (Available on Google Play Store)

IOS Reading Software

Marvin3(available on App Store)

iSpeech TTS(available on App Store)

NaturalReader Text to Speech(available on App Store)


Mac OS X also has a Text-to-Speech Option which will read selected text when the user presses a user-defined

Shortcut Key. The text-to-speech option also works in the Apple Calculator. To start, open the System Preferences

panel under the Apple icon and click on Dictation and Speech.

  1. Select the Text to Speech tab.
  2. Check the option “Speak selected text when the key is pressed.”
  3. Click the Set Key option.
  4. Choose one modifier key — Command, Control, Option, or Shift — plus one other key of your choice.
  5. Click OK. 

Note-Taking & Grammar


Grammarly is a free grammar checker that corrects spelling errors, the tone of your writing and displays emojis when your writing sample is correct.  It also sends you emails about your word usage, misspelled word frequency, and other statistics and details about your writing. Grammarly is available on many different platforms. 


This app is a free download available on the Google Play store and the Apple App store.  This app provides easy-to-use mind mapping and note-taking tools to help students visualize ideas.  It’s great for group work too.


This app is a free download available on the Google Play store and the Apple App store.

The app assists with writing on PDF or JPEG assignments (fee applies).

Livescribe Smartpens for Note-Taking

Livescribe pens connect to the user’s cell phone via Bluetooth  As the student handwrites their notes, a copy is automatically sent to the corresponding app.  The app also simultaneously records the lecture so that the audio is synced up with the user’s notes for later review.  Handwritten notes can also be transcribed into typed notes.  All notes can be automatically sent to your favorite cloud service as a back-up.  Please contact Accessibility Services if you would like any more information. 

Google Play Store Livescribe app

Apple App Store Livescribe app

Online Classroom

Scanner Apps

Tiny Scanner

This free app scans documents and photos to your phone instantly.  Available in multiple formats including PDFs or to sign emailed documents.  It also has the handy ability to adjust the contrast of scanned documents or photos in-app.  Can also sync directly with Google Drive and other cloud services.

This app is available on the Google play store and Apple App store.


Scan, save, and share PDFs directly from the app.

 This app is available on the Google Play store and the Apple App store for free download. 

Online Distraction Prevention Tools

Google Chrome Website Blocker

Google Chrome Website Blocker Add-On

The Google Chrome website blocker allows users to block distracting websites.  Also available for mobile devices.

FireFox Website Blocker

Firefox Website Blocker Add-On

FireFox Website Blocker prevents the user from getting distracted on other websites.

Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey Website

Free and can be downloaded on any Windows or Mac computer.  The program assists the user by blocking distracting websites to help increase focus and productivity. The program can even offer recommendations on websites that are distracting the user.  It can also report on how productive the user was. 


Freedom Website

Can be downloaded on any computers, tablets, phones or web browsers to help the user block any distracting websites.  The program also can track online distractions and provide recommendations on what to block.  It can also report on productivity.  (fee applies)

Recuse Time 

Recuse Time website

Can be downloaded onto a phone or computer to help assist in reducing distractions.  This program shows what websites are distracting the user and provides recommendations on which to block.  It also shows productivity levels.  (fee applies)

Study Tips & Campus Support Services

Studying Tips

Helpful Studying Tips

College Info Geek:  How to Study:  The Most Effective Learning Techniquews
This website teaches different ways to study and is full of ideas on how to make your study time more effective.

LSSU Student Supports and Services

LSSU Testing Services

Phone  (906)-635-2027


Website  LSSU Testing Services

Testing Services provides Accommodated Testing for students registered with Accessibility Services, ALEKS PPL Math Placement, Departmental Exams, and TEAS Testing.  All testing appointments must be scheduled a minimum of three days prior to your test via the appointment tool on their website.

LSSU Academic Success Center

Phone  (906)-635-2849


Website  LSSU Academic Success Center

Our Academic Success Center offers many different options for tutoring supports, such as our Drop-In Math and Writing Center, Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions, and individual one-on-one tutoring appointments.

Laker Success & IPASS

Website  LSSU Laker Success and IPASS


Laker Success-where success is personal, not perfect.  Laker Success is another layer of support for our Lakers.  They provide mentoring support within our residence halls to help in the transition to LSSU.  Students can access our in house study lounges and take part in many different programs that are centered around student success.  These programs create a success network for students that also includes our IPASS Coordinator who works with students to help them stay on the track to success.

LSSU Health Care Center

Website Health Care Center

Phone (906)-635-2110

The LSSU Health Care Center offers many different services to the LSSU community.  Please visit their website for a full list of services.

LSSU Counseling Services

Website LSSU Counseling Services

Phone (906)-635-2752

LSSU Counseling Services provides short-term psychotherapy, outreach/education, resources, referrals, and consultations. Please see their website for more information or to book an appointment.