Cover Sheet


Enter test information directly on the form below and submit your test using the attach file feature. You can also email it to or drop it off at LIBR 251.
You can fill out one cover sheet for each exam, you are more than welcome to separate it by student as well.
Testing Services needs to receive a cover sheet every time we proctor one of your exams in our office.

To complete the cover sheet, fill out the fields directly on this page and click “Submit Form to Testing Services” at the bottom.

When completing the form…
Please include all requested information.
Do not calculate extended time when listing “Total minutes allowed for class”. We only need to know how many minutes the students in the classroom setting will be provided.
Provide a number and/or email address where we can reach you directly during the exam, should any student questions arise. This could be your cell phone number or a lecture hall/classroom phone number. *Please note* We will not share personal number(s) with the student.
Please contact our office at 906-635-2030 or with any issues