Lake Superior State University Reporting Party Bill of Rights

As a reporting party in a Title IX report, you have the right:

  • To be treated with respect, dignity, and sensitivity throughout the investigation process.
  • To be informed of all available resources and how to access these resources.
  • To an advisor of your choosing for support through the investigation and/or appeal process.
  • To be informed of the University’s Gender Based Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy.
  • To privacy under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The college will make all reasonable efforts to ensure the preservation of privacy, restricting information to those with a legitimate need to know
  •  To a prompt and thorough investigation of the allegations.
  • To participate or decline to participate in the investigation process. However, an investigation may still occur and decisions made on the available information
  •  To an outcome based solely on information gathered during the investigation. Such information shall be credible, relevant, based in fact, and without prejudice.
  •  To not have irrelevant prior sexual history considered as information in the investigation.
  •  To be notified in writing of the outcome of the investigation and any remedies and/or sanctions that have been issued.
  •  To request an appeal of the Title IX Coordinator’s decision and/or sanctions issued.
  • To a University response to any retaliation or harassment you experience based on your involvement in an investigation.