University Assessment Committee


The University Assessment Committee provides assessment oversight, and promotes and supports assessment across all areas of the institution.

  • Academic assessment is an ongoing, open, evaluative process focused on improving student learning.  It requires the University to make its learning expectations clear to students and to establish appropriate learning outcomes at the course and program levels.  It helps determine how well student performance matches the expected outcomes.  The resulting information is used to inform changes in courses and programs for the improvement of student learning.
  • At the institutional level, operational units assess the learning achieved by their student workers, and those units also assess learning outcomes specific to their service interactions with students.  In addition, all operational units conduct full reviews of their programs, services, and processes on a five-year cycle. The resulting information is used to direct improvements within the units, and to support and improve student learning.

     2019-2020 Annual Assessment Report on

Institutional Learning Outcomes Assessment

2020 University Assessment Annual Report

Assessment of General Education Learning Outcomes

2020 GenEd Committee Annual Assessment Report

    Assessment of Cocurricular Learning Outcomes

2020 4-Column Assessment Report_Academic Services

2020 4-Column Assessment Report_StudentAffairs


Nuventive Improve™ is LSSU’s centralized assessment database, designated to archive assessment findings and to provide reporting tools for institutional analysis and continuing improvement actions across all areas of the University.

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Committee Membership

The University Assessment Committee is comprised of a representative group from the broader campus, each overseeing and reporting for assessment initiatives in their areas:

  • Co-Chair: Lynn Gillette (Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs)
  • Co-Chair: Gail Essmaker (Vice-Provost for Accreditation & Assessment)
  • Kathy Berchem (Dean, College of Health & Behavior)
  • Charlotte Kostelyk (Faculty, General Education Committee member)
  • Cathy White (Faculty, Chair of Education, General Education Committee member)
  • Mike Beazley (Dean of Student Affairs)
  • Morrie Walworth (Vice President for Finance & Operations)
  • Wendy Beach (Director of Human Resources, Title IX, Safety, & Risk)
  • Katelyn Coon (Interim Director of Financial Aid)
  • Dave Paitson (Director of Athletics)

Charge to the Committee:

The University Assessment Committee will meet monthly. The broad composition of this committee ensures that every area on campus is engaged in annual assessment, including reporting of results and use of results.

Members of the committee will report assessment data, including findings, use of results, and budget implications, from their own units to the committee. The committee will perform collective data analysis for all reporting units to produce an annual report of that analysis, and its interpretation by the committee, to the Provost’s Office no later than the second Friday in June each year.  The committee’s annual report to the Provost will include a summary of all institutional assessments, along with interpretation of those assessments and proposed use of results.  Through this evaluative process, the committee will identify any gaps on campus where further engagement in annual assessment is needed.  In addition, the annual report of the University Assessment Committee will provide supporting evidence to meet HLC’s Accreditation Criterion 5.C.2: “The institution links its processes for assessment of student learning, evaluation of operations, planning and budgeting.”  Lastly, the committee will examine the 5-Year Program Reviews conducted across campus, providing feedback to units.


Instruments of Assessment for Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

ILO Assessment – Student Athlete Evaluations

ILO Assessment – Student Worker Evaluations

ILO Assessment – Academic Program Capstone Courses