Preparing for the 2023 Program Review

Resources for Academic Departments:

Program_Annual Assessment Update Form

Academic Program Review Form_2023

Fall 2018 Program Reviews

Full program reviews are conducted every five years at Lake Superior State University, with the most recent review completed in 2018.

Information related to loan repayment rates is available from the Financial Aid department. Information about student retention and completion rates is available in our Common Data Set.

Program Review reports and related assessment reports for the 2018 review cycle are available for public viewing:

2018 Academics

Academic Program Review Template (2018)

2018 Student Support and Co-Curricular Program Review

Co-Curricular Program Review Template (2018)

2018 Administrative Reviews

2018 Course-level learning outcome review

2018 Program Review Resources

The following documents were developed for the Program Reviews conducted in 2018.  The next full program review is scheduled for 2023.